Medichem Products Inc

About Us


We are a company with an experience of 40 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry. In the year 2002, we diversified our operations by introducing a Poultry division, called Medichem Products Inc. We first started importing a water sanitizer called “Sanext “, which is now the registered trademark in India. 

Since then we have been supplying this water sanitizer to the hatcheries in North and South India. As the product was unique and efficient, the hatcheries started recommending Sanext to the commercial poultry as well. The commercial farmer, satisfied with the efficacy of the product, requested for a new range of quality products.

 Now we have introduced products like Trace Minerals (Broiler / Layers) for which we give an Analytical Report which is enclosed along with the Invoice. We are the first company to give such a report along with an Invoice. The Trace Minerals requirement is given as per the hatchery recommendations. Most of the raw materials are imported from Japan, Sweden, Germany, UK and USA to deliver products of International Standards.



Our Core Values

We offer our products without any boosters and by orienting them close to their natural form, Support Rural Entrepreneurship. To offer unparalleled products at affordable prices.

Our Mission

Bring in more value to rural poultry by supporting them with efficient products. Revolutionize the pet food industry by bringing in more natural food products that make your pet more immune to most of the contagious infections. Making Sanext- the water sanitizer, be reachable and affordable.

Our Vision

Reform rural entrepreneurship to industries and improving the trade value. Making our pet products affordable and be endorsed as the globally recognized brand. Expand Medichem into various streams of nutrition suppliers to retain and vitalize the environment’s health.