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Puppy starter food

Doggie Power
Whey Protein Shake

Doggie Power is a well-researched dietary supplement from our expert team of vets who has spent years perfecting our food formulas to complement your pet’s palate with wholesome nutrition and a great taste. Get your pets a drool worthy drink which can transform them to a healthy lifestyle.

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Doggie power whey protein milkshake is highly recommended for puppies and dogs. This whey protein milkshake promotes fundamental growth and the development of a healthy body frame.

Doggie Power is Extremely Delicious Milkshake for pets

Extremely Delicious

This yummy milkshake will delight your pet and make them happy


Immunity Enhancer

Whey protein and amino acids are necessary for the development of a good immune system

Doggie Power is Highly Nutritious whey protein shake for your dogs and puppies

Highly Nutritious

A complete and balanced diet that fulfills all of your dog's nutritional requirements

Doggie Power Muscle Builder for dogs

Healthy Body Frame

Maintains a balanced metabolic rate for strong and healthy body frame

Doggie Power is a muscle builder for pets

Muscle Builder

It is a great strength and muscle builder due to its well-balanced protein and fat ratio

Dog Supplement for puppys and dogs in a milkshake form

Stamina Booster

Your dogs' physical and mental energy are enhanced by the essential 14 vitamins and minerals

Doggie Power is a Best supplements for dogs

Doggie Power?

You may have landed here for one of the following reasons:

  • You want to buy a good supplement for your pet.
  • You’d like to help your pet gain some weight.
  • You’d like to increase their protein intake.
  • You’d like to manage and control their health problems more effectively.
  • If this is you, and you want your pet to eat nutritious and delicious food, Doggie Power is for you.
Doggie power logo dog supplement

One for all & all for One

Doggie power whey protein milkshake is highly recommended for puppies
and dogs. This whey protein milkshake promotes fundamental growth and the development of a healthy body frame


We provide our products without any boosters and by keeping them as near to their natural state as possible.

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Years of Experience

Cutting- edge Research For Over 40 Years in the veterinary field offering unparalleled products

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Happy Clients

We are forerunners in exceeding standards and thereby delighting our customers.

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We provide a comprehensive selection of products to meet all of your veterinary needs.

Doggie power logo dog supplement

Dogs are incredible creatures. They are the only ones who will prioritize your needs over their own, so it is high time we do something special for them. Why not make them the coolest milkshake for the summer? Today is the day to try out the new Doggie Power whey protein milkshake.

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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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