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Control of Pathogens in Feed and Gut

First time Coated form Soluble in water and feed Releasing 85% in the Intestines, and 15% in the Feed, Acts in the lower gut where Ph is more

Advantages of MPI-CID .

Can be used in water and/or feed

Selective combination offers lesser dosage with higher efficacy

More efficient disinfection of the water supply

Reduced lime scaling in water lines

The protected form of the organic acids offer less corrosive to human skin, and produce a lower concentration of acid vapour in the working environment, which in turn means less irritation to the eyes and breathing organs

Benefits of MPI-CID

Prevents contamination & eliminates the possibility of re-contamination of feed

Eliminates pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, E.coli and others in feed and effectively control their presence in GI Tract

Improved digestion and bioavailability of essential nutrients in birds

Provides clean environment and helps in healthy production

Improves the performance of other nutrients

Inclusion Levels:
Breeders 2kg/mt,


layers 500 gm/mt. Years In drinking water 250g/1000 liters of water continuously.

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1 LTR, 5 LTR, 25 KG


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