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Dipolar Mycotoxin & Pesticide Absorbent (Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder)

MPI – TB: Is a Scientifically formulated combination of specific clay minerals, Chelating Chlorites/illites silicates (+) (-) HSCAS, MOS, Activated Charcoal, Antioxidants, Kaolin, Fungal Inhibitors, Herbs. MPI TB neither effects nor absorbs any other ingredients vitamins, minerals, coccidiostats, antibiotics, therefore nutritive values of feed is retained, because it is a non-expandable clay.

Mechanism of Action: Is absorbtion and is irreversible. One Mycotoxin gets absorbed by the clay. They are excreted through the faeces.

Truths of Mycotoxicosis in Poultry :

  • Mycotoxin contamination can severely affect production parameters like feed intake, feed conversion ratio, weight gain, egg production, shell quality and hatchability.
  • Impair disease resistance through the alteration of various defense mechanisms. Interferes with normal T-cell and B-cell immunity, including suppression of normal antibody production (Immunosuppression).
  • This results in vaccination failure and leads to more usage of Antibiotics as birds are more prone to infections by bacterial and viruses such as E.coli, Salmonella, etc.
  • Mycotoxins have the potential to interfere with lymphoid cell functions which is similar to the effects of IBD infection. This situation will worsen if mycotoxin and IBD infections occur simultaneously.
  • Besides the viral agents, mycotoxins are also responsible for immuno suppression. The damage caused by mycotoxins may be confused with other viral infections.

Dosage : 1 kg/MT of feed or as advised by the Nutritionist.

Presentation : 25 kg Paper polycoated bags.

Precautions :

For Veterinary use only. Product colour change will not affect the performance.

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